New Zealand

New Zealand has a global destination helps ambitions become a reality for students. New Zealand offer International Education in almost every Education sector Imaginable while keeping the standard of Education equivalent to any International standard of Education along with being strongly influenced on the British Education system therefore providing for ample global Opportunities after completion of their Education


New Zealand Immigration Minister has launched one stop we site where International students an find Information about Employment rights and responsibilities, Health & safety in the Work Place, settlement options etc. This is advisable to do some online search through this Website before coming to New Zealand.


New Zealander are heavily involved in outdoors activities. Our National Image and the lifestyles of the population have been largely shaped by our involvement in a wide variety of sports and leisure activities. It is often said that sports and leisure are the Predominant focus of the New Zealand cultural identity. For example, New Zealand involvement in International rugby. New Zealand is a popular holiday destination for visitors from Australia, North America, the United Kingdom and japan.

Student life in New Zealand

In many ways it's not what New Zealand have that's important to quality of life- it's what they don't have! NewZealand doesn't have high Crime rates. Police don't carry guns and instances of corruption arevirtually unheard of. They don't have Poverty or Hunger and don't have the Pollution, Congestion, Health issues and cramped city livint that we see elsewhere.

Cost of Living

Housing in New Zealand is often found to be more reasonable than in many parts Asia, Europe and North America. New Zealand produces a wide range of competitively priced consumer goods of a similar style and quality to those found Overseas. The items we do need to Import such as motor Vehicles, electrical and Computer equipment and Petroleum products are priced similarly to or, in many cases are cheaper than in other comparable countries.

New Zealand also has a goods and services tax (GST) of 12.5 percent.

Why Study in New Zealand

  • New Zealand is located in the Southern Pacific Ocean. New Zealand's main written and spoken language is English and Second language is Maori.
  • New Zealand has become a trusted provider of world-class Education. New Zealand tertiary providers are innovative and provide programmes that are Internationally recognized.
  • New Zealand is known as a safe, Clean and green Country. New Zealand cities are lively and multi-cultural.
  • New Zealand providers must be signatories to the Ministery of Education code of practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students. This ensures a welcoming and supportive experience for students.
  • The quality of a New Zealand Education is well recognized Internationally and because we bases our Education system on the British system. It is possible to complete an undergraduate degree in New Zealand and a post graduate degree in another English-Speaking country.
  • New Zealand degrees have a reputation around the world for being practical, Modern and desirable. In some niche areas such as biotechnology, Forensic Science and Marine engineering.